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Ho'oponopono and the Lesson of Dead Tomatoes

I have some planting beds in my backyard, and can grow tomatoes and other delightful treats. The lettuce and basil this year have been wonderful so far too. Only I went away recently for a homeopathy meeting. During my few days' absence, our Arizona summer arrived with a vengeance. Seriously, you might leave one day with temperatures in the 80's, and return a couple of days later to 100+. It happens that suddenly here. The air shifts from inviting and warm at noon, to searing the skin from your face. Imagine you are a tomato plant, trapped in your spot . . . and the drip irrigation fails . Your human isn't there to know it, and the sun beats down full force too. You are toast in short order. So that is what greeted me when I returned. Dead, brown, sad tomato plants -- yet still bearing some tomatoes. It was eerie; it was as if with their dying gasp, the plants gave up their last red, shiny progeny. "Go forth, make seeds, let us be remembered," they might have been

Ho'oponopono: Simplicity Accepts Us All

"I wish I could make it more complicated for you, but I really cannot." ~Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len I've often heard Dr. Hew Len say this to people, both in person and on teleseminar calls. A combination of laughter followed by silence usually results. Many of us just can't fathom how saying "I love you" or mentally thinking a so-called cleaning tool such as "ice blue" can do anything in the outer world of effects. Perhaps that is precisely the point -- it is beyond our human abilities to fathom. Indeed, one of the things many like about Ho'oponopono is its simplicity. It excludes no one, requires no particular dogma, and can be practiced in all situations. Health issues, family discord, financial challenges, and career or life purpose dilemmas are only a few possible applications. Soon after meeting Dr. Hew Len, I asked him about additional training beyond " Basic" Ho'oponopono . How he had developed his own understanding of it, ove