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Whale Song: The Earth Breathes with Ho'oponopono

I've been in Hawai'i for the past couple of weeks, gifted with an opportunity to learn from some very wise and articulate kahunas on the Big Island. How rare to spend time with people whose every breath is Ho'oponopono , in a land known as "the Breath and the Water of the Divinity." * My journey overlapped with many, many humpback whales visiting from Alaska. They migrate to Hawaiian waters every year to have their babies, sing, and mate. You really can hear their songs even outside the water . . . and it is an amazing experience also to hear them breathe and see them spout. Not to mention leaping out of the water -- all 80,000 pounds' worth! Even with all their activities, they don't eat while in Hawaii from late November through spring -- they only do that in Alaskan waters. Sometimes the nursing females are skin and bones by the time they migrate back north; baby humpback whales can drink 150 gallons of milk a day. Pretty hefty appetites, yes? Som