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Ho'oponopono -- a Pathway to Hope

Sometimes we get lazy, putting off things that need regular maintenance.  Maybe it's cleaning the house, doing the dishes, balancing the checkbook, or changing the oil in the car.   We could even put off our Ho'oponopono cleaning.  :-)  (Who, me??) Sometimes instead of  saying "thank you", or "I love you" as we move through our day, we let our "usual" inner meditations take over.  You know the ones:  "I'm tired/bored"; "I don't have enough money"; "how dare s/he do that to me!"; "I'm a failure", and the like.  We can get very good at those, repeating them unconsciously thousands of times a day.  Mantras like these can become our constant unconscious background music  . . . and probably do, unless we're awake. Dr. Hew Len says its impossible to stay awake all the time, because our thoughts form before we're even aware of them.  We can't predict our next thought.  Try it!  You can

Ho'oponopono: When the Spirit Moves You

Practicing Ho'oponopono can be a paradox at times.  In many ways it brings peace and balance, yet for some of us it also seems to bring more complex cleaning situations into our lives.   In fact, some might ask whether the appearance of problems or additional complexity means one's Ho'oponopono cleaning isn't "working".  In such cases, I always think of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len shaking his head and remarking: "A problem is only a problem because we say it is."  After many experiences over the last few years, I really think he's right. Since my last post, I've moved my office to a new location . This is a big undertaking for any kind of business, including a medical practice.  So many pieces need to come together, and so many people play a part! And although for several years I'd enjoyed sharing space with some delightful, very skilled therapists, the lease was running out.   So I'd been cleaning with this situation for sever