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Bomb or Baby? You Choose

You may have seen this photo on the news today.  Patrolling Polish soldiers found this little girl abandoned on the side of a road in southern Afghanistan. How frightening it must have been to go near the towel in which she was wrapped, no one else around for a mile!  The soldiers knew the risk of hidden roadside bombs along the route to their Waghez military base.   But they were brave enough to look within.    They named her "Pola" (after Poland), and brought her to a medical center on their base.  They also bought her some formula and a bib.  :-) I cannot imagine the pain her mother could be suffering, to have left her daughter this way -- or to have had her taken from her.  Who knows what led up to this infant being left behind?    Those who practice Ho'oponopono may also find something useful here.  In many trainings I've heard how we so often abandon own inner child, or Unihipili, and do not take care of it.  We may not even realize this is happenin

The Dalai Lama on Responsibility, Peace, and Joy

Seeing this quote today, I'm inspired to share it on this blog.  It applies to all of us, no matter what our religious or cultural backgrounds might be. Practitioners of Ho'oponopono also speak of taking "100% responsibility" for everything showing up in our lives.  Next to understanding about one's personal identity and connection with Divinity, this may be the most important concept in Ho'oponopono.   Yet for many it can be confusing.  It seems to ask us to take on much more than we feel is ours.  What about personal boundaries, after all?  What do WE have to do with riots in the Middle East, or genocide in African nations? And what about codependency -- a state of blurring between what's ours to do, and what belongs to others?  In codependency, we try to control the alcoholics or addicts in our lives rather than deal with our own issues.  12-step programs warn against taking other people's inventories, and rightly so. So how do we understa