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Ho'oponopono Cleaning: Which Tool For You?

Many people think that in order to do Ho'oponopono properly, we must direct our cleaning efforts towards particular problems that arise in our lives.  Examples might be traffic jams, financial crises, health issues, or arguments with family members. I used to think this too.  Thus, I wanted to know specifically how to "clean" with whatever problem was happening, when it was happening.   What particular process or tool should be used for each? More importantly, I wanted to know exactly "what" I was cleaning with at any particular time -- in order to pick the right tool, of course.  And if I was doing it well enough, the problem should clear up, right?  :-) I must have thought my intellectual mind was in charge of things, even though I had many times read Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len's article, "Who's in Charge?" . From that article:   "Memories replaying dictate what the Subconscious Mind experiences. The Subconscious Mind

Ho'oponopono and Our Inner Child -- Authentic Relationship, Authentic Love

Someone wrote me not long ago asking about relating to our Inner Child -- or Unihipili -- in Ho'oponopono.  We're encouraged to ask this part of us to "clean," even when we're asleep or otherwise engaged.  We can become an inner team this way, aligning all parts of us with Divinity. It's a very good question, since the person was wondering whether this would be establishing a relationship under false or exploitative pretenses  -- just to get the Inner Child to "do" something for us. In Ho'oponopono, the Inner Child is the part of us containing all the unconscious memories which can surface as problems like illness, miscommunication, money issues, relationship discord, etc.  The Inner Child also runs our bodies -- and needs care from the mothering part of us, the Uhane. If we don't clean, our Inner Child continues to suffer.  If we choose to clean (as our Uhane can start the process by saying "I love you") it can let the painf