Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ho'oponopono Cleaning: Which Tool For You?

Many people think that in order to do Ho'oponopono properly, we must direct our cleaning efforts towards particular problems that arise in our lives.  Examples might be traffic jams, financial crises, health issues, or arguments with family members.

I used to think this too.  Thus, I wanted to know specifically how to "clean" with whatever problem was happening, when it was happening.   What particular process or tool should be used for each?

More importantly, I wanted to know exactly "what" I was cleaning with at any particular time -- in order to pick the right tool, of course.  And if I was doing it well enough, the problem should clear up, right?  :-)

I must have thought my intellectual mind was in charge of things, even though I had many times read Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len's article, "Who's in Charge?". From that article:
"Memories replaying dictate what the Subconscious Mind experiences.

The Subconscious Mind experiences vicariously, mimicking, echoing memories replaying. It behaves, sees, feels, and decides exactly as memories dictate. The Conscious Mind too operates, without its awareness, by memories replaying. They dictate what it experiences as research studies show . . . . . The Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind, comprising the Soul, do not generate their own ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions. As noted before, they experience vicariously, through memories replaying and Inspirations."
This means that the thoughts we're "thinking" aren't coming from us; they're either old memories replaying, or Divine Inspiration.  We don't know which, at any particular time.  But, I know which one I'd rather have directing me! 

Depending on how you look at it, this makes life either extremely disconcerting, or extremely freeing.

If we never know which thoughts are which, how do we know what to do? How do we know when to use strawberry, "I love you," or "light switch," with a given situation? 

Also, this arrangement means that we may not be cleaning with what we THINK we're cleaning with, at any particular time.  Layers upon layers of complexity, and eons of added "stuff," are going on behind the screen we're focusing upon.  Divinity knows, of course, and we don't.

We could get really obsessive and upset about all this.  But the more freeing alternative is simply to recognize we don't know -- and clean no matter what shows up.  We can ask Divinity for "how," and do it.  

"I love you" is elegantly simple for this purpose -- or anything we're guided to do.  The choice we're making says it all.

If we work with this idea, then whoever or whatever appears in our lives is there to be released -- whether we'd objectively call it a "problem" or not.  

After all, as Dr. Hew Len is fond of saying: "A problem is only a problem if we say it is."  Maybe these events, experiences, interactions, etc, are just opportunities to make amends.

The other part that's freeing about this, is not having to worry so much about all those Ho'oponopono cleaning tools and what they're "supposed" to do.  Yes, we receive a whole manual of them in Ho'oponopono trainings.  They each have their history, and might appeal at different times. It's wonderful to have choices that bypass the conscious mind. 

But the bottom line is that in choosing to use any of them, we're allowing Divinity's help rather than persisting on our own!

Blueberry, Strawberry, Gingersnap, Candy Cane, Thank You, Hawaii . . . . all are simply ways to begin the process.  And this can go on no matter what happens. Constantly.  I believe it starts with intention, and re-deciding 10,000 times a day or more, perhaps.  It's a pathway to freedom from entanglement in whatever has gone before.

Peace is the result -- the peace that passes understanding.  

A rare opportunity to listen to Dr. Hew Len and Kamaile Rafaelovich talking about "Being in the Right Place" is coming in a teleseminar this week:  8/30/12 at 12 noon Hawaii time.  This is an MsKr Conversation -- and if desired, you can register here:  MsKr Conversation 047 

I have really enjoyed previous conversations, and plan to listen in with this one too.   If inspired, please come -- and bring your strawberries, blueberries, or other cleaning tools of choice.  Most of all, bring your open heart.

Peace begins with me,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ho'oponopono and Our Inner Child -- Authentic Relationship, Authentic Love

Someone wrote me not long ago asking about relating to our Inner Child -- or Unihipili -- in Ho'oponopono.  We're encouraged to ask this part of us to "clean," even when we're asleep or otherwise engaged.  We can become an inner team this way, aligning all parts of us with Divinity.

It's a very good question, since the person was wondering whether this would be establishing a relationship under false or exploitative pretenses  -- just to get the Inner Child to "do" something for us.

In Ho'oponopono, the Inner Child is the part of us containing all the unconscious memories which can surface as problems like illness, miscommunication, money issues, relationship discord, etc.  The Inner Child also runs our bodies -- and needs care from the mothering part of us, the Uhane.

If we don't clean, our Inner Child continues to suffer.  If we choose to clean (as our Uhane can start the process by saying "I love you") it can let the painful memories go.

In Ho'oponopono training seminars, we're shown specific processes to connect with our Inner Child -- not just to "use" it, but to authentically love it.  Many of us may not have experienced this kind of love in our lives, so it takes some practice. 

But through the methods Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and other wonderful Self-Identity Through Ho'oponopono teachers share, it can be done.  It does require daily practice, though.  Once you realize this part of you has been abused and neglected throughout time, you develop an attitude of care and compassion towards it -- genuine love.

As a doctor, I think this models good self-care, too.  There are processes for preparing the Child to go out into the world, for stocking a bag of supplies he/she may need, helping him/her to feel safe, giving gentle affection, and more.  This is very different from running mindlessly through life, not considering what we may need as simple humans.

Through our behavior and choices in each moment, we're showing  our Inner Child how we approach life and its events: through cleaning, rather than getting embroiled and inflamed in them.  All that stuff comes from memories or data we hold inside anyway.  Best to ask Divinity's help in transmuting and letting them go!  Eventually, the Child learns from us, and wants to do this too.  It pleasures in joining in.

And interesting things happen, when we relate this way.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a seminar in Phoenix, with ~100 other people.  Things were going along, but were not finished.  Inside I began to feel uncomfortable, not sure why.  The speaker was engaging, energetic, and entertaining.  I tried to listen, but my inner discomfort intensified.

Finally, I picked up my things and quietly left the room -- went straight to my car and drove home.  No questions, no discussion, no confusion. 

As I rode down the freeway, my car radio blasted a warning:  a gigantic dust storm with 60 mph winds was on its way!  I looked in my rear view mirror, and could see it mushrooming behind me.  By leaving early, I had escaped having to drive through it.  Just barely.

Dr. Hew Len has often said that when you're clear, you "just do it" -- no questions.  If you're still asking, you're not!  I laughed, thinking of how many times he's told me that . . . . and how many times I've continued to question that answer.  I'm sure my confusion has tested his patience.  :-)

I can't prove it, but I believe cleaning with my Unihipili let it tell me when to GO, even though my conscious mind didn't understand why.  It wasn't logical to miss the rest of a seminar I'd paid for.  But that's what happened. 

I surely do say thank you, many times a day.  I bought some blueberries today, as a special tool to say "Thank You" in another way.  (For those who may not know, blueberries are another Ho'oponopono cleaning tool.  Cleaning by eating them can escape the conscious mind and its questioning.  Very simple.)

Dr. Hew Len says the relationship with our Unihipili is the most important relationship we'll ever have.  I believe he's right.  Thank you, Dr. Hew Len.

Peace begins with me,