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Ho'oponopono Blessings, from Alaska to You

I've just enjoyed a 1987 video of Morrnah Simeona and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len conversing about Ho'oponopono, through . What a wonderful gift for a Thanksgiving weekend! is making this vintage 29-minute video ren table for $1.00, until Sunday evening 11/29/15. In it, Morrnah describes her familiarity with traditional Ho'oponopono, which translates from Hawaiian as "making things right."  Morrnah shares that Self-Identity Through Ho'oponopono is her own process, updated for modern times. She remarks that she knew this in previous lifetimes as well. Morrnah believed we all have MANY lifetimes, and that their memory traces come with us wherever we go. In fact, this residue is the root cause of all problems everywhere.  The entire conversation is beautiful to me, as it encompasses the parts of the Self, our relationship with Divinity, healing, and health issues like diabetes, addiction, and schizophrenia. It was filmed in Alaska, and

Ho'oponopono: to Clean or Not to Clean? Or: Who Gets the Non-Stop Flight :-)

A fool and her luggage are soon parted. -- Pam Pappas MD Ho'oponopono is a process which can be used in ALL of life, not just sometimes.  It can cleanse memories or data from us, which would otherwise show up as problems. The trick is to remember to DO IT. Even the most caring and genuine among us can sometimes forget. Ordinarily, Ho'oponopono preparations before an airplane trip would include gently talking with your Inner Child (or Unihipili) about where you're going -- and making sure s/he is willing to come too. You ' d cover all the legs of the journey, offering protection and care. You ' d do your "HA" breathing, to make sure all parts of you are connected and energized before setting out; you might use a specific cleaning tool as inspired, multiple times before leaving. Think of how you'd prepare a small child for such a trip, and you've got it. Usually I clean with each of the steps beforehand, from door to door -- and talk with the

Ho'oponopono: Changing situations, or changing ourselves?

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian method of problem solving and stress release, which Kahuna Lapa'au Morrnah Simeona updated for modern use. Practiced consistently, it can change everything about our lives. Yet instead of focusing on outer situations, the focus is entirely on working with ourselves. On top of that, there's complete acceptance of whatever shows up -- with no need for self-flagellation about past "mistakes." We simply recognize that the problems present opportunities for release, nothing more. Practicing the Ho'oponopono process is embracing Divinity's constant presence and helpfulness in our lives. Accepting that we are not "in charge" (Divinity is!) opens the very doorway to all possibility inside and outside of us. It's both miraculous and enigmatic at the same time.  I've attended multiple more Ho'oponopono trainings over the past year, and have been pondering them deeply. One question many ask: "Why shoul