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Thank You to Inner Children, All Over the World

6 months old, and being cared for  :-) The practice of Ho'oponopono is a deep one -- and if done consistently, it changes us. It brings us to a place beyond words, where infinite peace and forgiveness dwell.  That, and laughter too.  :-) One of the most rewarding ways to practice Ho'oponopono is through caring for our own Inner Child -- our subconscious, or Unihipili.  Dr. Ihealakala Hew Len teaches that our relationship with our Inner Child is the most important relationship in all creation.  After all, our Inner Child not only runs our body, but also stores all memories that have accumulated in us through time (including unconscious ones).  When cared for, this Inner Child is a source of creativity and delight; when ignored, its pain shows up in myriad ways. Many of us forget that such a part even lives inside us.  We're adults who drive ourselves mercilessly with work, responsibilities, and schedules; when mistakes happen, we lacerate ourselves with self-critic

Ho'oponopono Peace in Every Step

I've recently returned from a week-long, silent Vipassana (Insight Meditation) retreat. Called "Convergence" and run by teachers and staff from Spirit Rock Meditation Center , it was held at the Angela Center near Santa Rosa, CA.  The "convergence" they spoke of was bringing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) together with the Buddha's teachings in vipassana tradition.  This usually doesn't happen so openly in MBSR courses, even though many teachers have personal experience with Buddhist practice. My own private "convergence" included Ho'oponopono as well.  :-) At its heart, Insight Meditation is the practice of mindful awareness in any moment. You can use anything -- breath, body sensations, emotions, sounds, etc. -- as foci of attention.  This tradition recognizes that the mind's productions are often comical and obsessive -- even sometimes tragic because they distract us from current experience.  It encourages us to notic

Ho'oponopono Meets Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe -- in January Happy New Year, everyone -- especially on this day marking both Martin Luther King's birthday and President Barack Obama's second inauguration.  For me, it's a day of both freedom and peace.  Maybe all days can have those qualities, if we look carefully.  Still, this one feels special to me somehow. Some of you may have heard about the several nights of below-freezing weather we recently had in the Phoenix area.  I know many of you live where there's snow on the ground -- but central Arizona is not that place.  We're in the desert, with saguaro cacti and wildflowers galore.  January is usually when others want to visit us -- golf tournaments, horse shows, fancy car auctions -- all in the Valley of the Sun.  Once the weather predictions came through, people were frantic to protect their plants and outside water pipes.  Nurseries ran out of garden cloth.  Those of us who were slow to alert had to rely on our wits.  The neig