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Ho'oponopono: Drinking the Tears of the Clouds

  "Next time you have a swig of water, remember that you're drinking the tears of the clouds." ~ Martha Beck , life coach, author, and social scientist Like most of the world, I have been shocked and saddened by the earthquakes, tsunamis, and radiation emissions in Japan this past week.  So much suffering, with 18,000 counted dead so far. Radiation is contaminating spinach and milk in the Fukushima region so far, too.  The area is known for its rich farm country that feeds its nation -- including with melons, rice, and peaches.  People in Tokyo are afraid to buy fresh produce.    Not to mention that the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island has been spewing lava 65 feet into the air again, and civil war in Libya is expanding into international conflict. All at the same time. My homeopathy class met in San Diego last week, beginning on the same day of Japan's 8.9 scale earthquake.  One of my classmates is from Tokyo, and had arrived in LA the night befor