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Ho'oponopono and The Lesson of the Pipe Wrench

I'm still sifting through my recent experiences with the Hawaiian kahunas (mentioned in my last post). The benefits were plenty while there, but have increased since my return home. One of these I'll share is the Lesson of the Pipe Wrench. It may sound a little strange, but please bear with me. In addition to being trained since childhood in kahuna ways, Mel Ha'Makua Mason has several other businesses. One day, he had just finished a plumbing job before coming to our small group to teach. He looked around the room at us, and brought out his tool box. It looked ordinary enough . . . and contained no plant roots or other magical concoctions. Each of us was to silently choose a tool. I asked him what the task was? How could I choose without knowing this? He shook his head and told me to choose anyway. I picked the hammer because it could both dismantle old things, and help build new ones. Several other people liked that tool also. He went around the room listening to