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Ho'oponopono, Homeopathy, and that Precious "Zero" State

Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Listening to a patient yesterday, I was struck yet again with the overlap between what I do as a homeopathic physician, and Ho'oponopono. The woman described a situation where she had been extremely upset, lost in an avalanche of emotion.  One painful feeling tapped into another, defenses erupted, and she felt herself flame up like a bonfire, unable to stop or let go. Even though something inside told her "this is not right -- back off," she couldn't. The specific triggers could be different for each of us, but this is what it's generally like when we lose our center.  Very important in this scenario: even while this woman was immersed in her swirl of pain,  part of her stood outside and could "watch", or witness, what was happening.  She had not been aware of that previously. The homeopathic remedy I had given her -- a deep-acting one prescribed specifically for her individual disturbance -- gave reli

Ho'oponopono Cleaning with Diet Coke Addiction

Ho'oponopono deals with all kinds of human problems, seeing them as distorted memories retained unconsciously within us.   Choosing to use any of the various Ho'oponopono cleaning tools invites Divinity to "erase" these memories, transmuting them into pure energy -- bringing us back to "zero" at the same time.  Through this process, we can experience relief from suffering.    It has always intrigued me that there are cleaning tools relating to addictions, which also are seen as the manifestation of memories needing release.  All kinds of addictions -- such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, food binging and starvation, sex, and intense attachments to other persons, etc -- are examples.   Among many cleaning tools shared at Ho'oponopono training seminars , Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len teaches about Lehua Honey -- and this one can be used with addictions.   Made from beautiful red lehua flowers growing on 'Ohi'a trees in Hawaii,  it's only availabl