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Ho'oponopono: Can You Hear Me Now?

"It's the memory that hears, not you.  If I do my cleaning, Inspiration shows up."   ~Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Last weekend I had the good fortune to attend a Ho'oponopono training with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Dr. Kikikipa Kretzer in Los Angeles.   Each time I attend, my experience is a little bit different, and I hear more.         One of the things I heard this time (which could have been said before, but I had missed it!), was Dr. Hew Len repeating the above about "hearing."  We think we hear accurately, but we don't. Our ears deliver air pressure changes and bone vibration, which is transformed into neurological impulses  by our auditory nerves.  Our brain receives and processes these.  It matches these impulses with what it has already experienced before, checking to see if they signal danger or not.  Perhaps it might be food, or a territorial threat.  It interprets these impulses and passes them along to the rest of our body, accordingly