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Ho'oponopono Lessons from a House Painter

My house needs painting; a spa renewal, even.  The sun is relentless here in Arizona, and summer is knocking on the door. You're never quite ready when The Heat arrives, as it's so often abrupt.  You go to bed in pleasant springtime warmth, and the next morning . . . . BLAM!   An oven greets you on opening the door.  My body sometimes protests these changes (which still feel less painful than humidity back east).  Yet my house endures all kinds of weather -- including hail, monsoon rains,  freezing, and desert inferno -- without complaint. Signs of wear have been showing up though: some flaking paint, and some color fading where the sun scorches it most intensely.   My home has cared for me well in the 6 years I've lived here.  It's time to return the favor, so I've been interviewing painters and getting estimates for the work.  (while Ho'oponopono cleaning, of course).  The folks coming over don't realize they're teachers, but they are. One fell