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Connection or Disconnection: Our Choice in Ho'oponopono

 "The rainbow is a sign from him who is in all things." ~ Hopi saying A physician colleague wrote this past week asking about Ho'oponopono , as he had come across this blog.  He had also attended a recent Ho'oponopono training near his home.  It was a blessing to hear from him.   Although Ho'oponopono is a way for all people to make amends for our misperceptions about others and life itself, I feel this is especially important for those of us in healing professions.  Not all are willing to consider these ideas, but I offer this blog from the part of me who is in all things.   As far as healers go, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len often shares that as a psychologist he was trained to "help" other people.  But in practice, this doesn't work.  How many patients do my colleagues know, who are not "helped" by what we do in medicine?  Is this not uncanny, when we are trying so hard? In Ho'oponopono, we are not really here to help others at all

Ho'oponopono: Power Lifting for the Soul

  People's experiences with Ho'oponopono are very individual.  For instance, after practicing this for awhile some feel peace, some feel nothing at all, and some might notice that they feel worse -- at least temporarily. Given our varying sensitivities, it's easy enough to understand the first two.  But feeling worse with a spiritual practice like Ho'oponopono?  How can this be? It might even scare some people away from doing it. My own experience has been all three (as well as others) at different times.   In this practice, we're adopting a world view that differs from most other cultural norms: accepting 100% responsibility for everything that shows up in our lives.  For many, this is a deal breaker and they get no farther.  After all, how can we be responsible for things we've never even been involved with in this lifetime?  Afghanistan?  Iraq?  Massive oil spills?  Patients committing suicide, or dying of cancer? We may not understand our personal con