Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thank You to Inner Children, All Over the World

6 months old, and being cared for  :-)
The practice of Ho'oponopono is a deep one -- and if done consistently, it changes us. It brings us to a place beyond words, where infinite peace and forgiveness dwell.  That, and laughter too.  :-)

One of the most rewarding ways to practice Ho'oponopono is through caring for our own Inner Child -- our subconscious, or Unihipili.  Dr. Ihealakala Hew Len teaches that our relationship with our Inner Child is the most important relationship in all creation.  After all, our Inner Child not only runs our body, but also stores all memories that have accumulated in us through time (including unconscious ones).  When cared for, this Inner Child is a source of creativity and delight; when ignored, its pain shows up in myriad ways.

Many of us forget that such a part even lives inside us.  We're adults who drive ourselves mercilessly with work, responsibilities, and schedules; when mistakes happen, we lacerate ourselves with self-criticism.  We rarely celebrate our accomplishments, instead racing to the next thing on our "to do" list.

No wonder we end up with insomnia, backaches, muscle pain, indigestion, irritability, depression, anxiety, and fatigue!  No wonder so many of us have resentment just beneath the surface of our smiles.  Our Inner Child registers all this mistreatment and neglect, expressing its suffering in symptoms.

What would happen if, instead, we took the time to gently get to know this child?  What if we looked after it, making sure it's regularly loved and nourished?

What if we explained to it the plans for each day, making sure our Inner Child is willing to come along?  Sometimes our Inner Child can warns us when plans need to change.  Also, what if we prepared a little bag each day with things it might need -- healthy snacks, or other comforts?

We as adults, or Mothers (Conscious Mind, or Uhane) can do these things -- and can lovingly show the Child how to release or let go of painful memories.     

Mindfulness or Vipassana meditation has a body scan, focusing on each part.  We breathe into any part that feels discomfort. Ho'oponopono has similar in caring for the Child -- and when we notice a pain, we can realize that this is a memory being held.  We can ask our Inner Child to please let go.  In this way the Child learns to clean moment-by-moment, as problems arise.  With love and care, it can become a willing companion in clearing out these old memories.  And it's needed, because it's only through our Inner Child that we connect with Divinity -- the ultimate source of transmutation.    

I found a little photo (above) from long ago, which shows how the Child responds to gentle care and concern.  In it I'm only 6 months old, and my mother is bathing me in my grandmother's kitchen sink.  I've washed many dishes in that sink -- yet totally forgot that at one time, I fit in there too.  How wonderful to remember, to let go, and to forgive.

There's a loving child inside all of us.  Care for it, and connect with peace.  Try this, next time you have a talk to give, or a deadline to meet.  Take a moment to breathe with your Inner Child, and see what it needs.  S/he just might surprise you with a smile.  :-)

Peace begins with me,