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Mother Earth's Lifeblood and Ho'oponopono

Mother Earth is bleeding. The above photo has been widely published , showing the rupture of a BP oil well pipe 5000 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico. From this wound gushes live, liquid, and pressurized crude oil into the ocean above. I can't help likening it to hitting a major vessel in an accident or surgery -- I have seen this too many times in my career not to be triggered this way. But with human patients, bleeding eventually stops. Either doctors can repair the injury, or the patient bleeds completely out. In comparison, Mother Earth shows no sign of stopping her bleeding. It continues billowing forth, despite multiple attempts to shut off or cap the broken pipe. Ever since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and burned several weeks ago, many sources have spewed as many estimates of "how much" oil is actually gushing into the water. Eleven men died in the disaster, whose story becomes more graphic and painful with time. I have watched this news evolve, and wep