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Ho'oponopono Cleaning: An Easier Way to Clarity and Peace

One of Ho'oponopono's main teachings is that when we clean, the right and perfect thing comes for us and everyone else.    Yet when the seemingly "wrong" thing lands on our doorstep, this can be hard to accept.  Our human minds insist on logic -- linear cause and effect.  We forget that healing might be a journey or a process.  If Ho'oponopono "works", we think our lives should always be easy. I'm coming to realize that "easy" does not mean without challenge.  Instead, "easy" relates more to our own attitude and perceptions than it does to outer circumstances. In the last 6 weeks or so, I've been dealing with a painful situation concerning my office.  I won't disclose all the details.  Just know things were distressing enough to make me want to move. What's surprising is that I didn't completely melt down and give up.  I continued Ho'oponopono cleaning throughout this time, even with all the anger, fear