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Ho'oponopono Healing: Does it Really Count?

Someone sent me an interesting email today: I've been reading your blog for a while now. While I enjoy your blog, I've noticed one thing - you rarely talk about your personal experiences with ho'oponopono. I was wondering, why is that? Is it because you have not experienced anything tangible? One thing I've noticed about ho'oponopono is this: 99% of people who practice it can talk about their intangible results (peace of mind, connection with God, etc) - all things that can be obtained through simple meditation or any religion. But very few can talk of tangible results, especially repeated tangible results that make a significant impact on life... from areas such as finance, health (cure diabetes? cancer?), family, friendships, etc. This leaves me feeling very skeptical about ho'oponopono. I was wondering, why is this? Anyway, I am not targeting you specifically, but I feel that you are a clear/concise writer that might be willing to explain thi

Meister Eckhart, Gratitude, and Ho'oponopono

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was 'Thank you,' that would be enough." ~ Meister Eckhart (1260-1328) I love these words of Meister Eckhart , the German philosopher, mystic, and theologian. He came from a culture far removed from Ho'oponopono , and yet what he says is completely in synch with it. "Thank you," after all, is a Ho'oponopono cleaning tool that invokes the whole process of repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation. A Dominican priest, Meister Eckhart was also known for very down-to-earth sermons suggesting (among other things) that God is actually "in" man (and woman). This may have been too avant garde for the Catholic church of that time, which accused him of heresy. Finally summoned before the Pope, he walked 500 miles to his hearing -- and died before learning his verdict. I'm grateful for many things this Thanksgiving, and one is surely the freedom to practice our spirituality however we're guided. I'

Mana from Heaven: Dogs Need Love Too

I've been thinking a lot lately about "Mana," the Divine or Vital energy that accumulates when we do the "HA" breathing process in Ho'oponopono . The Inner Child (Unihipili) part of us needs "Mana" in order to do its work, which includes maintaining our bodies and holding all memories we've carried since the beginning of time. So we breathe "HA" for our Inner Child several times a day -- and it can either use or store this Mana as needed. Without this, it suffers. When we decide to clean in Ho'oponopono, our conscious mind (Uhane) sends the request to our subconscious (Inner Child, Unihipili), who in turn collects all that's needed from its memory banks and Mana supplies. It joins forces with the conscious (Uhane) and the superconscious (Aumakua), which has direct access to Divinity. The petition goes down into subconscious first, and then up through conscious and superconscious, all the way to Divinity. Optimally, all parts

Why Attend Ho'oponopono Seminars, if I've Read the Book?

Every time I attend one of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len's Ho'oponopono training seminars, my own practice deepens. While at this last one in Woodland Hills, someone asked what had changed for me -- and why I would keep attending. After all, hadn't I gotten the information down yet? Haven't I read the books and articles, watched the DVD's, and listened to the teleseminars? Well, yes -- I have done those things. I have also attended more Ho'oponopono trainings now than I can count. And if it truly was a matter of information alone, I could have stopped long ago. But it isn't. The process goes much deeper than my conscious mind, where intellectual learning takes place. When I practice in a room with others, clean with all our questions, listen to Dr. Hew Len, and ask questions that come up in myself, my soul quiets further. The Ho'oponopono process includes the subconscious mind, the Inner Child or Unihipili, which must be lovingly attended to. This is the pa