Mana from Heaven: Dogs Need Love Too

I've been thinking a lot lately about "Mana," the Divine or Vital energy that accumulates when we do the "HA" breathing process in Ho'oponopono.

The Inner Child (Unihipili) part of us needs "Mana" in order to do its work, which includes maintaining our bodies and holding all memories we've carried since the beginning of time. So we breathe "HA" for our Inner Child several times a day -- and it can either use or store this Mana as needed. Without this, it suffers.

When we decide to clean in Ho'oponopono, our conscious mind (Uhane) sends the request to our subconscious (Inner Child, Unihipili), who in turn collects all that's needed from its memory banks and Mana supplies. It joins forces with the conscious (Uhane) and the superconscious (Aumakua), which has direct access to Divinity. The petition goes down into subconscious first, and then up through conscious and superconscious, all the way to Divinity. Optimally, all parts of our I-dentity link together in this way.

And then, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len has said, something beautiful happens.

"When I do my part, Divinity cannot help but do Its part," he relates. We decide to clean by saying "I love you", or using some other Ho'oponopono cleaning tool. Divinity's part is transmutation of memories into pure light -- and sending a return flow of Mana which ushers in the answer (Inspiration) to the prayer or request.

What a miraculous and loving process! We never know exactly "how" or when it will come -- and that's part of the joy (or worry, for some of us).

Another spelling of Mana, from Judeo-Christian culture, is "manna": the food miraculously supplied to the Israelites when lost in the wilderness (Exodus 16:14–36). It seemed to fall from the sky. "Manna" is a spiritual nourishment of divine origin, which often comes as a surprise -- just as it did in the Bible.

My dear friend, classical homeopath Bill Mann, had a strange experience recently. He lives with his family, including his large, vigorous, and sometimes obstinate dog Titan, in a hilltop home with a completely fenced in yard. Bill helped build the fence himself to contain Titan's explosive energy. Nothing can get in or out, without being seen. The hilltop view allows complete surveillance.

So imagine Bill working with clients one day, there from his perch on the hill. Suddenly he noticed a strange dog in the yard: a thin but beautiful brown female boxer with no collar. Oddly, no car had come up the drive, and no person had opened the gate.

Meek in demeanor, she looked like she hadn't eaten regularly in some time. Titan was overjoyed, in a male dog sort of way; the poor new visitor didn't have a chance to object. Out Bill dashed to break up the havoc.

How had this creature arrived so surreptitiously? Bill still can't figure it out. He tried to find her owner, asking all around. None came through. He fed her of course, and she ate hungrily. Titan had never been more satisfied.

Yet there was a stand-off -- a hesitancy -- for several days. Bill wasn't sure he wanted another dog, as wily and overwhelming as Titan could be. Yet this sweet-tempered visitor needed somewhere to stay.

Seeing her, Bill's daughter spontaneously named her Delilah, perfect for her humble origins yet powerful energy that so entranced Titan. She and Titan were lovers in every sense of the word. And she slept with the family by night, but separate from Titan so she could rest from his amorous frenzies.

It wasn't all honey and roses, though. Delilah didn't seem aware that urine and feces were for outside only. Some learning would have to come.

But Titan seemed to love her, and she seemed so sweet and shyly appreciative of any human kindness or food.

A few days later, her wiles won Bill over too. He bought her a collar, and placed it 'round her neck. The previously reserved and gentle Delilah sprang into his lap, licking him uproariously in thanks. Bill was hooked, and she had found her new home.

Eventually, as the photo above attests, Titan learned to express gentle affection as well as boundless eros. The two are true companions now, on more equal terms.

The Mana of Delilah's arrival is still a mystery; I joked with Bill that she came from the sky. He says there's no other way she could have come. Perhaps the full gifts of all this will gradually reveal themselves, just as Mana and Spirit do. I have to wonder if Titan hasn't been Ho'oponopono cleaning. He definitely breathes a lot of "HA." :-)

Peace begins with me,


Abby Caplin said…
What a beautiful story, Dr. Pam!
The photo is moving and priceless.



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