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Traditional Ho'oponopono and Morrnah's Transformation

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian method for restoring harmony, solving problems, and releasing stress. Traditionally, extended families used Ho'oponopono to "set things right" when conflict arose.* Moderated by a family elder or Kahuna Lapa'au (healer), this was like a large family conference where all could speak their hearts. But as Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len often mentions, its success required all family members to be present. Depending on the issues involved, the entire process could be lengthy. But the steps would be outlined for everyone beforehand: they include prayer, stating the problem, discussion, confession of wrongdoing, restitution when needed, forgiveness, and release. The Ho'oponopono began with a "pule" (prayer) asking God to help and bless the proceedings. The family and leader together would seek out the cause of the problem or conflict, which might be very complex. The leader focused the conversation, exploring these hurts so t

Letter to a Fellow Physician and Ho'oponopono Colleague

A fellow physician wrote in on a Ho'oponopono message board recently, commenting that patients never seen before were showing up in need of emergency treatment. S/he wondered how s/he could possibly be responsible for all this, since it seemed to be happening outside of his/her influence? Moreover, how could s/he shift these emergent situations into healing ones? I empathize, for sure. Daily medical work draws all kinds of people with all kinds of scary situations to us in our offices, clinics, hospitals, and emergency rooms. How can Ho'oponopono help with things like this, or even with something as big as health care reform? I surely don't have all the answers, but I cleaned with the questions. Something is going on in me that my colleague has this pain, and these questions. Then I responded on the same message board. After a little editing, I thought to share this here as well: Dear Dr. X, Your questions are good ones, and are reasonable for anyone who wants to see in t