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Who's in Charge? A Visit from the Spirit of Transformation

Some people maintain that we're in conscious control of our thoughts and reactions, but Ho'oponopono suggests otherwise.   In fact Ho'oponopono posits that we are run by information that is so far unconscious we don't have a clue what's going on.  The "information" running us can come from generationally-transmitted memory, or from Divinity as inspiration.  We never know which it is. As a psychiatrist, this intrigues me.   Many psychotherapies aim to make the unconscious conscious -- hoping that by so doing, people can gain insight into their emotional troubles.  Healing is then possible.  Even cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is built on the idea that negative ideas about ourselves [negative self-talk] is what drives our sour emotions.   Yecchy, self-critical thoughts result in yecchy, depressive emotions and mood states.  Interrupt the cycle and you can interrupt the depression. We hope.  :-) A recent experience showed me how clueless my consci