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Lee Lipsenthal MD: Ho'oponopono Light from Within

To me, some people are living, breathing examples of Ho'oponopono.  This can surely last after they pass on.  Some have been to seminars to learn about the process, and others have come to this on their own. Some people naturally come to an acceptance that we are not "in control" of outcomes, but can certainly practice peace in every moment -- no matter what.  Not all of us get this lesson so easily, even while actively doing Ho'oponopono. A comparison between my own recent activities and the attitude of a dear friend and colleague will illustrate.  I supposedly practice Ho'oponopono; he doesn't.  It's definitely in him anyway. A couple of weeks ago I was in San Diego for a session with my current homeopathic training program, California Center for Homeopathic Education .  The session contained several classroom days, a graduation evening, and also a quiz for which I needed to study. Imagine my growing concern when, around 4pm on the 100+ degree af