Mother Earth's Lifeblood and Ho'oponopono

Mother Earth is bleeding.

The above photo has been widely published, showing the rupture of a BP oil well pipe 5000 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico. From this wound gushes live, liquid, and pressurized crude oil into the ocean above.

I can't help likening it to hitting a major vessel in an accident or surgery -- I have seen this too many times in my career not to be triggered this way. But with human patients, bleeding eventually stops. Either doctors can repair the injury, or the patient bleeds completely out.

In comparison, Mother Earth shows no sign of stopping her bleeding. It continues billowing forth, despite multiple attempts to shut off or cap the broken pipe.

Ever since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and burned several weeks ago, many sources have spewed as many estimates of "how much" oil is actually gushing into the water.

Eleven men died in the disaster, whose story becomes more graphic and painful with time.

I have watched this news evolve, and wept as the oil flows closer to shore -- threatening all kinds of wildlife and human livelihood too. I am simultaneously mesmerized and heartsick at the videos of the wound itself, the brown liquid clouding up as if issuing from a vital, pulsing organ.

I believe it is.

Oil like this is made of the bodies of countless carbon-containing beings -- small plankton, and maybe even parts of dinosaurs -- laid down, compressed, reconfigured, and stored for eons. All this takes at least 150,000,000 years to become crude oil, and is a non-renewable resource.

What I see flowing from that pipe is billions upon billions of wayward memories released from their holding zone . . . . and lots of Ho'oponopono cleaning to do.

I have only to look in the garage at my car for confirmation that my own memories are part of this mess. So I'm taking 100% responsibility for them, even though I don't know consciously what they are. I'm thanking Divinity for the opportunity to clean. Each time I feel shock at yet another layer of truth revealed in this disaster, I keep saying "Hawaii" (the water and the breath of God) and "Ice Blue". These aren't the "only" ways to clean with this oil spill, but these cleaning tools came to me so I'm working with them.

Also I'm making and drinking lots of Blue Solar Water to help clean memories in me that I can't consciously know about or access.

This special water is very simple to make at home, using a blue glass bottle with any kind of cap except metal. Just fill it up with tap water (or use your filtered water if you prefer) and place in the sun for 15 minutes to an hour. With one of my bottles, I put saran wrap on the top while it's "solarizing", and then use the metal cap again once this is complete. Inspiration can tell you how long is just right for you. Then put the bottle in the refrigerator, and enjoy!

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len often reminds us that even one drop of this water can "solarize" many bottles of water. But it tastes so sweet and good that I love to drink it straight. Also, running out gives me more opportunities to go enjoy my yard while setting those blue bottles in the sun. :-)

I don't know "why" Mother Earth is bleeding right now. I only know it's in my experience, so it's mine to clean with. As Dr. Hew Len puts it:

SITH (Self-Identity Through Ho'oponopono) is only about letting go and letting God release memories replaying in our souls that we re-experience as spiritual, mental, physical, material and financial woes and problems.

Only Divinity who created each of us can solve our problems. Only Divinity can inspire our minds to experience perfect and right relationships, sources of wealth and peace beyond comprehension.

Thank you for cleaning. Your cleaning is a salvation to all.
I am grateful.

Peace Begins with Me,



Desiree Kamilo said…
I feel great, my dear friend!...there are no words to describe that matter how bad my "material life" could be turning into...Spirit and Soul is all we take when we go...nothing "material is allowed"...there. I love you, I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry for working in an oil company for 32 years, I am sorry, I am sorry, please forgive me, please forgive me, please forgive me, Thank you thank you thank you. Lightswitch enlightened me, am very grateful. Lord's Love is all there is for us all. Thnx XXX. may we all be blessed by Lord's Love aloha nui, Hare Krishna.

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