Ho'oponopono Cleaning with Diet Coke Addiction

Ho'oponopono deals with all kinds of human problems, seeing them as distorted memories retained unconsciously within us.  

Choosing to use any of the various Ho'oponopono cleaning tools invites Divinity to "erase" these memories, transmuting them into pure energy -- bringing us back to "zero" at the same time.  Through this process, we can experience relief from suffering.
It has always intrigued me that there are cleaning tools relating to addictions, which also are seen as the manifestation of memories needing release.  All kinds of addictions -- such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, food binging and starvation, sex, and intense attachments to other persons, etc -- are examples.  

Among many cleaning tools shared at Ho'oponopono training seminars, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len teaches about Lehua Honey -- and this one can be used with addictions.   Made from beautiful red lehua flowers growing on 'Ohi'a trees in Hawaii,  it's only available 3 months a year.  But someone was inspired with a cleaning process involving this honey, which can be eaten or used mentally.  

I asked him about this in conversation, and he casually commented that blue solar water works too.   

I don't know if he knew it, but I have long struggled with a tenacious addiction to Diet Coke.  (Perhaps this declared itself to him, as he is known to be a "seer.")   I also don't know why I drink the stuff -- it contains aspartame, a  known excitotoxin that can overstimulate and possibly damage or kill brain cells.  Who in their right mind would offer their neurons such poison?  Especially someone who knows about the science of both these substances and addiction?  Uncanny.

I have tried to stop many times.  I can desist for a week or two, always drifting back to drinking at least one can or medium-sized bottle a day.   Is this nutty or what?  No, it's like an alcoholic who tries to stop drinking when s/he knows it's damaging health, but the lure of the drug is chronic and enticing.  I've tried to substitute other carbonated waters, and colas sweetened with Stevia.  No help there either.   Only Diet Coke will do.  

On top of it, a family member was recently diagnosed with dementia.  Not only does this explain some of his erratic behavior,  but it also tells me to care more faithfully for every precious neuron I have.

So, I've been cleaning rigorously with this problem, including drinking blue solar water till it comes out my ears . . . . and elsewhere.   :-)   

Despite everything, this afternoon I had STILL not yet firmly committed to stopping my addiction.  I had continued to keep 2 liters of Diet Coke in the refrigerator, right next to my blue solar water.   It's clear:  I am very firmly in its grasp.

Along about 2 pm, I craved my "fix".  So I went to the fridge, and pulled out my first liter of deliciously cold buzz-juice.  I could almost taste the fizz in my mouth.  I twisted the cap, but it seemed stuck somehow.  I kept working with it until my hand was sore.  Strange.  No matter, I thought. I'll just set this one aside and use the other for now.

I pulled out liter #2 . . . tried to twist open the cap . . . and it wouldn't open either!  How in the world could this be??  I got out some pliers to grip the bottle cap more fiercely.  They kept slipping.  I tried knocking the bottle top on the counter -- no results.   Both bottle caps sat there tauntingly, with nary a sign of my battle.  It was a standoff.

Then I realized -- whoa!  Could there be a message in this, at all?  hmmmm.  Those Diet Coke bottles had been right next to my blue solar water ones.   Maybe I'll try some of that.  The bottle opened easily, no problem. And the water itself tasted DELICIOUS!   It always does, to me . . . except this time, I'd been wanting Diet Coke. 

Remarkably, after a glass of fresh, cold blue solar water, the Diet Coke lost its appeal.  Rather, it seemed that this water was much nicer tasting to me.

I don't know how the next few days will go, but I threw out the Diet Coke and don't plan to buy any more.  Before today, I've never had any trouble whatsoever opening a bottle of it.  I could imagine this happening with one bottle, but TWO??  No, to me something's going on.  Ho'oponopono is like that: very, very weird.  I'm thanking my Inner Child as well, knowing she must have been doing some powerful cleaning too.

And, I'm making more blue solar water as soon as the sun comes up in the morning.  We'll be going through a lot more of it, from now on. 

Thank you Morrnah, for updating Ho'oponopono as you did -- and thank you Dr. Hew Len, for seeing into me.   And if anyone reading this has a similar addiction, thank you also for cleaning along with me.

Peace begins with me,


Jen said…
Hi Pam, how about an update on this one?

Pam Pappas MD said…
Hi Jen,

Thanks for your question. The cravings still come up from time to time, and I clean with them. Ice cold Blue Solar water is a great relief. I've been making and drinking a lot more of it in the last few months!

Jen said…
Congrats Pam on your progress! I find as I continue to practice Ho'oponopono, detrimental health habits like coffee and alcohol are falling away.

You reminded me I need to find a blue bottle to make my own Blue Solar water.

Again, well done, and thanks for your wonderful blog, which I often recommend to people.

Jen said…
Pam, I just found this and thought of you. Perhaps it may help you stay off Coke. Drinking kombucha myself a lot lately, I love it!

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