Ho'oponopono, Homeopathy, and that Precious "Zero" State

Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Listening to a patient yesterday, I was struck yet again with the overlap between what I do as a homeopathic physician, and Ho'oponopono.

The woman described a situation where she had been extremely upset, lost in an avalanche of emotion.  One painful feeling tapped into another, defenses erupted, and she felt herself flame up like a bonfire, unable to stop or let go. Even though something inside told her "this is not right -- back off," she couldn't.

The specific triggers could be different for each of us, but this is what it's generally like when we lose our center.  Very important in this scenario: even while this woman was immersed in her swirl of pain,  part of her stood outside and could "watch", or witness, what was happening.  She had not been aware of that previously.

The homeopathic remedy I had given her -- a deep-acting one prescribed specifically for her individual disturbance -- gave relief when she re-dosed herself.  Homeopathic remedies stimulate our own innate healing capacities (or Vital Force), and this takes over to bring us back to center again.  This Vital Force is always present in us.  Always.

This doesn't mean our disturbances won't still "flare" from time to time.  On the path of healing, they do.   When we're healthy, we're resilient enough to deal with things without getting lost in an emotional avalanche.  Or even if we do temporarily "lose it", we can re-equilibrate within a short time.

An accurate remedy is there to support us when we can't seem to find our center on our own.

The "zero" point in Ho'oponopono -- where we take responsibility for, and clean with anything we perceive as a problem -- allows an experience of peace, quietness, and stillness.  No more old dramas, ancient resentments, or dialogs about "what I should have said to her", blah blah blah, are running.  It's only from this point, the "zero point", that new ideas -- inspiration -- can come in.   Otherwise we are being run by the Same Old Stuff.

With true healing, we can experience more and more of this state.  Others can be as they are, and still we feel peace.  We are resilient, unperturbed.  

This is what I have seen over and over with people in their homeopathic healing process: the situations which used to drive them to distraction,  no longer do.  And in the process they learn about -- and begin to genuinely love -- themselves.    It means embracing of all things within themselves and others, all manner of strengths and failings, from a position of non-judgment. 

Grace returns.

As I listen to my patients, I am also cleaning through Ho'oponopono.  Among many other things, I often clean with my need to "help" them, and to find the "right" remedy.  As a professional, of course I want to serve people as well as I can. But I don't want to get so worked up about being "good" at what I do that it obscures what they're showing.  Seeing clearly leads precisely to a homeopathic remedy that can assist them in the manner above.

It is only from this point of "zero" -- that peace, non-judgment, and clarity -- that I can let go of my personal stuff and see what the patient is showing and telling me.  Inspiration can then come in, not anything "rote".  

And of course, we never know for sure that we're at "zero", so we keep cleaning -- asking Divinity's forgiveness for our unconsciousness, and inviting Divinity's  help.  Only Divinity can transmute -- or vaporize -- whatever memories are running within us and showing up at this time.  That's why Dr. Hew Len will always tell you:  "I'm only here to clean".  He means it.  I have taken him at his word, and practicing this process has helped me more than I can say.    

Morrnah has truly left us with a gift.    Others like Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Mabel Katz, IZI LLC, and Joe Vitale have helped spread this gift further throughout the world.  In my view, it's much needed.

Joe Vitale has made a new resource available: some free video clips of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and himself teaching about Ho'oponopono at the Zero Limits III seminar last year.  Right now, only Video #1 is available, but Joe promises two more in coming days.  I don't know if this series will ultimately end with a sales offer of some kind.  But still there is value here -- especially for the millions of people who have not yet heard about Ho'oponopono.  I like the way he highlights specific aspects of Ho'oponopono -- so far, Dr. Hew Len talking about knowing who you are, and the importance of that Zero state. 

Here's the link:  http://www.zerolimitsonline.com/    Enjoy!

Peace begins with me,


Hi Pam,
Thanks for your wonderful article!
Saul Maraney
Johannesburg, South Africa
Pam Pappas MD said…
Hi Saul,

Thanks for reading my blog, and for your kind words. Much success in your ventures.

Unknown said…
aloha and thank you pam,
thanks to you, our (cleaning)family and friends, could purchase the dvd seminar of Joe and Len. we are deeply grateful,nina

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