Ho'oponopono: When the Spirit Moves You

Practicing Ho'oponopono can be a paradox at times.  In many ways it brings peace and balance, yet for some of us it also seems to bring more complex cleaning situations into our lives.  

In fact, some might ask whether the appearance of problems or additional complexity means one's Ho'oponopono cleaning isn't "working". 

In such cases, I always think of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len shaking his head and remarking: "A problem is only a problem because we say it is."  After many experiences over the last few years, I really think he's right.

Since my last post, I've moved my office to a new location. This is a big undertaking for any kind of business, including a medical practice.  So many pieces need to come together, and so many people play a part! And although for several years I'd enjoyed sharing space with some delightful, very skilled therapists, the lease was running out.  

So I'd been cleaning with this situation for several months, not sure what was going to happen.  But suddenly, a beautiful opportunity with another integrative medical practice showed up. 

I double and triple-checked with my inner child, visited the building many times, met the others who also work there, and talked with the other physician in depth.  Every time she was warm and gracious, responding thoughtfully to all my questions.   I also meditated in the office I would have, asking the space itself if it was okay with my being there.   In all areas, I kept getting "yes".  Having a window was a nice plus also!  :-) 

So I signed the lease.   

The timing of the move, though, seemed a "problem" because of some simultaneous family issues back east.  My sibs and I needed to clean our family home, which meant traveling and working intensively together just days before the movers would come to my office.

It seemed a logistical nightmare . . . . cleaning (manually, not only through Ho'oponopono) a house that had been lived in for 25 years, and then returning here to move and clean my office?  Eeeeek!

Fortunately Mabel Katz had suggested some Ho'oponopono preparations to make for the office move at least, and I had been following through as best I could.

I cleaned with the address of my new office building, as well as all the people's names within it.  For this, I placed a print-out of its web site and photos of all its people under a glass of water which I changed at least twice a day.  I placed my own business card and the other physician's business card there also.  The building itself has some history, so I went through it with "Indigo, Emerald Green, Ice Blue, and White" -- focusing especially on "my" little room.  I placed a tiny Ceeport sticker in one of its corners.  

I also cleaned with the moving company and its address, using my pencil and eraser.  Its web site showed photos of each worker; I cleaned with all of these too.  Several times in meditation, I heard "lehua honey" -- so mentally used this as well. 

I meditated in my old office, thanking it for allowing my patients and me to be there.   During the general purging and letting go of no-longer-needed items, I drank blue solar water -- and while packing the things that would come with me, I used several additional cleaning tools as inspired. 

I bought a new desk to be delivered from the store, and cleaned with this business, its address, and the salesman's business card.  When it came to my new office, I placed my Ho'oponopono manual on it and left it out until moving day, so that more cleaning could take place in the room.  

The day before the move, I received an email from the moving company naming the 2 men who would work with me the next day.  With my eraser and "thank you", I cleaned again with these names.  It seemed surprising that on the actual day of the move, 2 other company employees showed up instead -- both happening to be from Hawaii!   There had been a sudden scheduling change that morning, and they hoped I didn't mind.  :-) 

I smiled both inside and out, feeling Divinity's love through the whole thing.

All the furniture and box logistics went perfectly . . . but the telephone hook-up did not.  What a laugh -- I had not cleaned with Cox Communications, since they were the same company I'd had in my old office.  Oops! 

It took multiple phone calls and emails to get things arranged correctly.   And once all was hooked up, they even ended up giving me the wrong phone number!   It took a little while to sort this out, but now I'm in my new space.  With a phone, the right number, and ability to get my messages.  Yay!

The final thing I did not do -- and realized too late that I should have -- was to clean specifically with my credit card machine.  I saw patients for an entire week, not realizing anything was amiss . . . but later discovered that the credit card deposits weren't making it to my checking account.  Yikes!  

It took 3 separate phone calls with the merchant company's technical team to get my terminal working correctly.  Maybe it would have been easier had I remembered this specific cleaning piece.   Or, maybe this "problem" was only a shadow of the actual thing needing cleaning -- and the mishaps allowed me to connect and clean with 3 more people I would never have contacted had the machine functioned perfectly.

Maybe it DID function "perfectly", if seen from another perspective -- the one that Dr. Hew Len and Mabel Katz seem to see when looking at my misadventures!  (Are you reading this, Mabel and Dr. Hew Len?  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.)

And I'm still laughing at how those amazing (and strong!) Hawaiian men showed up to move me to my new place of business.  Mahalo nui loa to them, and to Divinity.

Peace begins with me,


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