Unconditional Love: The True Story of Evy McDonald

Yesterday I posted about Evy McDonald's recovery from ALS and how she did this. Since the context was ho'oponopono and hearing issues, the way Evy's inspirational story came up for me is rather uncanny.

I'd like to claim a superior command of academic literature and laserlike intellectual memory, but it had nothing to do with that.

Instead, it was due to a song.

While reading Jimmy Piver's story about hearing loss, within me I distinctly heard an old friend singing a song he had written and recorded about Evy. Really. Hearing that voice and the wonderful lyrics from several years ago, my heart swelled. My senses came alive.

This evoked a Google search, which produced the article I linked for you.

Please credit Greg Tamblyn, one of my favorite people and singer-songwriters anywhere, for haunting my musical consciousness. I've enjoyed his songs countless times, including cross-country car trips! And he created a real beauty in "Unconditional Love: The True Story of Evy McDonald" on his CD, "The Shootout at the I'm OK, You're OK Corral". This is the song-memory that arose inside me, and let me recall Evy.

Greg's music is a blend of humor and heart wisdom -- and this song is one that really struck home with me. Having it come up while reading about Jimmy's healing-in-process was no accident. The two situations resonated inside me, probably because I am healing too.

And Evy herself? Pastor Evelyn McDonald (RN, MS, and MDiv) is alive and well at Grace United Methodist Church in Newburgh, NY . Jimmy himself researched and found her. Science and spirit are one.

Thanks again, Greg. I love your music -- and Jimmy hopes to hear it too, one day.

Resonatingly yours,

Peace Begins with Me


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