Ho'oponopono: From Old, Worn-out Suffering to Brand New Inspiration

"Behold, I make all things new."
~Revelations 21:5

I don't usually quote the Bible in my blog, mostly because I'm not a biblical scholar. But when I saw the above view from my backyard the other evening, the verse suddenly popped into mind.

That is, after the initial "WOW!" that surged through my soul.

I had been struggling for many months with some family issues, cleaning with them through Ho'oponopono. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len had even given me a particular tool for this, which I had been using. In between storms of anger, resentment, and worry, of course. :-)

Had I been cleaning perfectly, there would have been no inner or outer struggle. Nor would I have been so flooded with the kinds of pain mentioned above. But I am human. This is both a limitation and gift, since it brings all kinds of opportunities to make things right.

Ho'oponopono is all about "making things right," in fact.

Ho'oponopono is a very practical method for allowing Divinity within to transmute any memories or data which block the light of divine inspiration from us. Ho'oponopono cleaning takes us back to "zero", or the state of nothingness from which we came.

Ho'oponopono understands emotional reactions, suffering, and conflict as memories or data which can be cleansed, allowing Divine inspiration to come through.

This method differs from thinking about, managing, or coping with stress. Instead, Ho'oponopono releases stress. Through its processes, we appeal to Divinity within to transmute any memories or blocks which eclipse the infinite in us. As these arise, they're up for cleaning -- and once we're back at zero, Divinity's light can infuse us again.

I had also been listening to a recording of Dr. Hew Len and Mabel Katz's February 2010 seminar in Los Angeles. I had attended this "in absentia," so was part of the the event's cleaning activities. There, Dr. Hew Len shared the story of a woman whose father had suffered a severe stroke; she wrote to him for help with this. While reading the email, Dr. Hew Len cleaned; he knew that there must be a connection with him, or she never would have written to him. As he did this, he received inspiration for a cleaning tool to send her -- and did.

Over several ensuing emails, she described her father's progress -- which was inspiring in itself.

But what moved me even more was Dr. Hew Len's question to the seminar class. "Why do you suppose the father had this stroke [in the first place]?" he asked.


"Hel-LO," he repeated. "Because we didn't get it the first time! Like Shakespeare said, nothing is new. It's all fore-bemoaned moans . . . if you don't get it now, it's going to come get you again."

"The Ho'oponopono is really about being 100% responsible and saying, 'I didn't get it the last time -- this is my time to get it.' The father only had a stroke because we didn't get it the last time. If we don't get it this time, the father will have another stroke. He just will!

It's the same thing with you . . . all the people in your life that you hang around with, that you supposedly experience problems with. Because you didn't get it the last time! If you don't get it, it will haunt you. It'll haunt you and haunt you, until you say, 'My God, I notice that every time there's a problem, I'm always there!'

And it is not the person -- not the father -- that had the stroke. It's the memory that had the stroke. I want you to be clear about that. People have around them this auric vibration, and it's the memory in that, the subconscious, auric vibration, that's the problem. And if you don't get that, and you had a heart attack before, you'll have the heart attack again.

The cardiologist could be working on you, thinking the problem is in you. But if the cardiologist was really smart, he would say, 'What's going on in me that this person should show up?' The only reason that person showed up with a heart attack or that stroke, was the memory. You didn't get it the last time.

Everything is a repeat -- Divinity is saying, "Hel-lo . . . I'm giving you one more chance this lifetime. One more chance to make amends.' You are only here to do the cleaning, because you didn't get it the last time.

I love this cleaning, as tedious as it is sometimes." Dr. Hew Len went on. "But if I don't get it this time, it's gonna come back and haunt me. Not only me, but it will haunt the whole universe. Because whatever is in you and me, it's everywhere in the universe. And say you're going to be 100% responsible and do the cleaning, whatever comes off of you, comes off the whole universe. And there will be a celebration. And that's why, if I can get more people to do the cleaning, then I am going to be a beneficiary."
Amidst this, my own family concerns, and my cleaning, the rainbow illustrated above showed up in my back yard. I almost didn't see it, because it had been raining and I was watching the news.

But I'd suddenly noticed an amazing golden light on my mesquite tree, went out to look at this . . . and then turned around. WOW!!!

This woman's story -- and Dr. Hew Len's explanation -- incorporates mine and my family's. Because of this, I have another chance to make amends, to set things right. It's the only way for new things to show up -- not just continued repeats of the same old suffering. I will keep this rainbow always, as a reminder. It is my own cleaning tool, now. Thank you, dear Divinity.

And if it appeals to you also, you're welcome to share it.

Peace begins with me,

PS: You can also get the same recordings I listened to, from Mabel Katz's web site, here.


Proud Poppa said…
Thank you Pam for sharing this beautiful and inspiring experience. What an inspiring message, too and what an amazing and expanding experience I am having as I read and reread it.

This message can open the doorway to a greater awareness and understanding of our human condition, our purpose here and our responsibility. It certainly is doing that for me this morning and I am both awed and grateful. Thank you again Pam for sharing! I love you.

POI, Jimmy
Pam Pappas MD said…
Thank you for commenting, dear Jimmy. Ihaleakala has a wonderful way of putting things into perspective for me. The rainbow is there to remind all of us!

Peace of I,
Proud Poppa said…
My pleasure, Pam. The experience of this morning continues as I marvel at the freedom being 100% responsible for what I experience brings. No more need or desire to blame, get angry or hang on to resentments. We clean and clean and clean and wonder if it's doing any good even though in our hearts we know the memories that need to be transmuted and released are being released in a way and timing that will not disrupt our daily responsibilities too much nor place too much stress on the body or mind. And then one day we realize that this problem, that feeling, this physical or that mental or emotional thing or that relationship problem that has hindered or nagged at us in some cases for years and years has suddenly vanished, like magic.

I marvel almost daily at all of this.
Anonymous said…
Dear Pam,

What a beautiful photo and inspiring message!

I want to share a teaching from Rabbi Arthur Waskow about the rainbow:

The great rabbinic commentator Nachmanides wrote that God gave the Rainbow by turning upside down the bow of war. “See,” said God; “My bow can no longer shoot from Heaven. It is now my sign of peace and love and hope.”

Here's the link for the entire piece entitled Rainbow Sign: "Learning to Heal Our Planet from the Story of the Flood."

Thank you, again.

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