Just What are We Cleaning, Again, When Practicing Ho'oponopono?

The other day I received some alarming evidence of my own lack of clarity. It came in a friendly email, for which I am grateful.

But the author went on to show me how I had apparently been unclear in my blog posts, or he would never have written me.

After cleaning by myself for some time, I felt inspired to ask several other Ho'oponopono colleagues to join me. They graciously did.

What had happened? The friendly person invited me to join his newly formed web site which cleans on behalf of its members, who pay a monthly fee for this service. He explained:

"I teach and practice [a type of energy therapy] and Ho’oponopono. A couple of weeks ago my partner was watching Hew Len and got the idea that we should start a private members site to clean on behalf of the membership. It has been profound for us and our members. You have probably heard Dr Len talk about the gift of Ho’oponopono to “therapists”. People are attracted to your services because you are cleaning and growing in clarity. They come to you and you clean on their problems as they become your gifts. [my emphasis] They find more clarity and peace and they pay you. This is exactly what is happening at our private members site called [name omitted]."

The site says this:

"Do you feel like you don't have the time to think about how to clear up your problems, fix what's wrong in your life or practice the practices you think you should practice in order to find relief from problem/challenges regarding your health, relationships and money?

What if we pledged to do that on your behalf, 7 days a week?

This service provides the opportunity for you to send us your data and we will clean on it . . . . We are responsible to clean on EVERYTHING that comes into our awareness. You would provide us service by sending us your problems so we can clean on them. As we transmute your issues/problems within us, they also will be transmuted in you and all those who share these memories."

Please understand that I'm grateful for the message and the invitation, as these allow me to clean. But I'm deeply sorry that I've inadvertently misled anyone about my own cleaning process either in my clinical work or other parts of my life. I watched the same [Zero Limits III] videos these people watched, and did not get the same impression they now seem [in my limited consciousness] to be acting on.

So I'm cleaning, cleaning, cleaning on all this confusion in me.

I'm sorry also for whatever is going on in me that shows up as someone feeling s/he should clean "for" anyone else. Ho'oponopono teaches us that whatever seems to present TO us is IN us, period.

It is only our misperceptions of others that need cleaning, not any "problem" we think others might have. Our thinking that the problem is outside us in the first place is part of the data showing up at that time.

But naturally, we never know for sure what all we're cleaning. We might THINK we know, and we'd be wrong.

Divinity is also the only one who can transmute -- not any other human. Dr. Hew Len is fond of asking, "Who's in Charge?" and reiterating time and again it's Divinity, not us. He asked me one time whether I would rather allow Divinity to help others, or try to do it myself? Would I rather stand in the way with my assumptions and opinions, or allow Divinity to provide what is right and perfect?

He's no shrinking violet. I love that he was so direct!

Even at Hawaii State Hospital, he was never cleaning "on" others. He always said he was cleaning with his own erroneous perceptions. He worked there only part-time, but the cleaning was basically a full-time job. He would do it before he went there, while he was on site with the patients' charts (never actually seeing anyone in therapy), and more after he left.

Dr. Hew Len wrote me:

"the cosmos runs on information pam, either inspiration from the I or memories in the subconscious. mind experiences information about a person, place, or situation, not the person, place or situation itself, and therefore the conscious mind is truly clueless.

'look at yourself,' morrnah would repeatedly say."

I mean no unkindness to some who might feel this cleaning service is exactly what they need, or to the ones who have formed it. I only mean to clarify what I have shared so poorly.

I humbly ask forgiveness, and hope I'm clearer now.

Peace begins with me,


gesman said…
Sometimes cleaning is as easy as clicking on "spam" button.
No need to wonder "why" or "where" some junk comes from.

Unknown said…
Thank you for your commitment to Truth as you know it in the moment. It is clarity that I am grateful for. Peace and Blessings, Jill
Pam Pappas MD said…
Dear Gleb and Jill,

Thank you for your comments -- and Gleb, you're so right that the "delete" key is a great cleaning tool!

I try to be as clear as possible in what I offer. Every day brings more opportunity . . . and hopefully, more clarity too.

Peace of I,
Al Rodee said…
Thank you Pam for your post. I too am cleaning on these questions and seeking clarity. I am grateful to have you come in to my awareness and the opportunity to clean. Intent and language need be congruent and so I am cleaning on our website and the language we use. I am cleaning on the idea that our offering is "spam" and "junk". There is a certain peace exhibited and felt by members and administrators of our site. I am clear on that. I love you, thank you.
Pam Pappas MD said…
Dear Al,

Thank you for reading my post, and sharing your responses. Many people are cleaning with these issues. Memories arise for release, and through choosing to clean we give Divinity permission to transmute these in the right and perfect way. Only then can Divine Inspiration come through.

You might also be interested in Mabel Katz's blog post today -- you can find this at:


Peace of I,
Pam Pappas MD said…
Here's a direct link to Mabel's Blog post referenced above:

"Advanced Ho'oponopono"

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