An Open-Hearted "Thank You" Package, Wrapped in Pink with a Bow

 "Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do." ~ Rumi

There are many ways to say "thank you".  

Shown here in her pink finery is 7-month old Sienna Hoagland, who recently received a precious gift at St. Joseph's Hospital here in Phoenix: a new heart, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Holding her is her mother Stephanie Provencio, and Dr. Stephen Pophal is in eye-and-finger lock.  St. Joseph's pediatric heart transplant program only started this year . . . and Sienna received its first successful transplant.  The gift was possible because of a selfless decision by parents in another state.

Born with a cardiomyopathy, Sienna needed a pacemaker because her heart would only beat 50 times a minute -- far from the more normal 120 in babies like her.  Unfortunately,  pacemakers did not work as hoped. Sienna would not be alive today without the donated heart; it is rare for such a tiny organ to be made available.

See how Sienna gazes at Dr. Pophal in this photo?  Isn't her entire being a "thank you"?  And she can't even speak words!

How is it that such heartache for one set of parents, can bloom into new life in another?

I marvel at the whole process, and at this beautiful little girl who now flourishes, smiles, and learns to drink from a bottle.  She embodies "thank you" for me.

"Thank you", of course, is a wonderful Ho'oponopono cleaning tool on its own -- and very easy to use. 

We can say "thank you" for everything and everyone that comes our way -- no matter what these might seem to be.  Like all other cleaning tools, "thank you" starts the process of repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation of all memories by Divinity.  It is like the "delete" key on our computer, and our using it automatically gives Divinity permission to help us by clearing what ails us. 

Being around Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, I am always amazed by how often he says "thank you" --  at every seeming opportunity, to everyone who speaks to him, it seems.   You cannot thank him without his thanking you back.  I have tried.   Almost always you will hear, "Oh no, thank YOU!"  It warms my heart.

So I'm practicing with more "thank you" in my own life, including when people seem to offer criticism or other painful [to me] comments.  Why should I be bothered anyway?  After all, people are only bringing me opportunities to clean -- of course I should be grateful!! 

I'm working on remembering this more often, so that my ego won't have to be in charge so much.  (It isn't in charge anyway, no matter how much we think it is!)

Saying "thank you" comes more easily for me when I think of little Sienna, whose eyes communicate far more than words ever can.  Maybe our own inner children have eyes like hers, and are wondering how to live our lives.  We can show them gently, by example.  

Sienna's parents want to someday meet the other parents, whose amazing gift brought their daughter back to the vibrancy shown in the photo.  Perhaps "thank you" can do the same for us in our own lives, if we remember.  (And not just at Thanksgiving.)

Peace begins with me,


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