Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Being "Bugged" to Ho'oponopono Cleaning

It's been a rainy weekend in Colorado Springs, and Drs. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Kikikipa Kretzer have just finished a Health Ho'oponopono seminar. This offers the Basic Ho'oponopono material, with additional focus on cleaning with health conditions such as hypertension, cancer, arthritis, and many others.

I was grateful to help staff the seminar. What a gift to meet so many pure-hearted people from so many places, all wanting to learn how to practice Ho'oponopono in their own way!

This is one of the special delights of Ho'oponopono: it offers us methods of connecting with Divinity for ourselves, without need for go-betweens. To assist us, certain meditations, processes, and attitudes are shared.

Ho'oponopono also offers "cleaning tools" that are a particular curiosity for many, but their wide variety can seem mysterious and confusing. Our intellects want to know "what" each tool is used for, so we can "do it right".

In my case, it was many months before I realized that using a tool like "strawberry" (by eating one or even thinking of it) is simply another way to say "I love you" (an even more commonly known cleaning tool). The result of using any of these is to initiate the cleaning process of repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation by Divinity that makes things right ("pono").

Both Drs. Kretzer and Hew Len stressed that the tools offered in the manual are starting points only. The idea is to connect regularly with Divinity so that our own unique cleaning tools may reveal themselves. The tools in the manual came through others' inspiration and are certainly helpful -- but our own will be particularly adapted for us and our situations.

Some of these cleaning tools can be very surprising as they come thorough our lives. We can even discover these through being "bugged", as Dr. Hew Len likes to say.

For instance, over time I've noticed (and been "bugged" by) certain discrepancies between versions of Morrnah Simeona's healing prayer found in different places.

Widely through the internet and in the book Zero Limits by Drs. Joe Vitale and Hew Len we find:

"Divine Creator, father, mother, son as one: If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness ... Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light ... And it is done."

I love the prayer, in principle. But every time I read it specifying only "son" and not including "daughter", my insides clench -- I am "bugged". I clean with this feeling, yet it recurs. My intellect wonders, could Morrnah possibly have meant to do this? Might it be a mis-quote, or possibly someone's approximation of her words? I don't know.

On the other hand, the Self-Identity Through Ho'oponopono Basic 1 Manual contains the same prayer. But here it states:

"DIVINE CREATOR, Father, Mother, Child as ONE: . . . " and continues as above.

This version feels more whole to me, as it includes children of both genders. Some will no doubt accuse me of being sexist for noticing. I apologize in advance for any offense.

So today, Dr. Hew Len spoke about the generations-deep hatred between men and women, suggesting that breast cancer in women was the result. "It is from what men have done to women for eons," he said. "We have [mistreated] them in many ways." Listening, I wondered if prostate cancer in men could be an equivalent result in the other direction?

Privately, I asked him about this and about the prayer. "You're cleaning with breast cancer and prostate cancer with this, Pam," he answered. "The prayer is an opportunity for you." I heard this and didn't quite get it.

Then he told us at lunch, "Morrnah was a very unusual person. Sometimes -- I don't know why -- she would say different things at different times, to different people. I would ask her about it, and she would say, 'Yes, because that is a different person!'" Was it possible that the two prayer versions could be an example? He smiled and said, "Could be. Sometimes she would just tell people things."

"You have an opportunity to clean with breast cancer every time you get bugged with that [prayer]. Maybe she even put the prayer those different ways just so people would clean with breast cancer." Whoa! Lights on, blinding flash.

Hmmm . . . . "bug" tool for me, and maybe for others too. I will imagine myself cleaning with breast cancer AND prostate cancer, because both men and women are suffering at each others' hands. Of course, what I'm really cleaning about is likely to be far more complex and far-reaching than my intellect can ever comprehend.

Thank you Morrnah, Dr. Kretzer, Dr. Hew Len, and Dr. Vitale. Being "bugged" offers a whole lot more opportunity now than it used to!

Peace begins with me,


rblotske said...

It was wonderful to see you again at the conference - and your insights are refreshing, keep up the good work! Rob Blotske

rblotske said...
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Pam Pappas MD said...

Thank you for your comment, Rob. I enjoyed seeing you again also.

Happy cleaning!

Goddess Of Humanity said...

Wow, I had never thought of that prayer that way. Thank you so much for sharing. I am really hoping to save up enough money to go to a Ho'oponopono workshop coming here to Chicago in November. I have been following this for a couple of years now, so this really would be awesome to go. God Bless.

Christine Zarek

Elisaveta said...

Благодарю тебя, Пам, за твой блог! Я - Елисавета. Я из России. Люди в нашей стране ничего не знают о Хоопонопоно, но я хочу знать больше! Я прочла книгу Джо Витале "Без ограничений". И я хочу спросить тебя: "Что еще мне необходимо знать, чтобы начать применять Хоопонопоно?" Прости за мой английский. Он очень плох - вот почему я не могу перевести всю информацию о Хоопонопоно.
Мне нужна твоя помощь! Пожалуйста...
Я желаю тебе любви во веки веков!
Я люблю тебя.

Thank you very much, Pam, for your blog! I am Elisaveta. I am from Russia. People know nothing about Hooponopono in our country, but I want to know more! I have read "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale. End I wanna ask you: "What else need (must) I know for stating doing Hooponopono?" I am sorry for my English... This is very bad - that is why I cannot translate all information about Hooponopono.
I need your help! Please...
I wish you love forever and ever!
I love you.

Elisaveta said...

Thank you very much, Pam, for your blog! I am Elisaveta. I am from Russia. People know nothing about Hooponopono in our country, but I want to know more! I have read "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale. End I wanna ask you: "What else need (must) I know for stating doing Hooponopono?" I am sorry for my English... This is very bad - that is why I cannot translate all information about Hooponopono.
I need your help! Please...
I wish you love forever and ever!
I love you.

Pam Pappas MD said...

Thank you, Elisaveta,

What a beautiful name you have. For more information about Ho'oponopono, you can go to and also Mabel has also created a Ho'oponopono Forum that you can join:

Peace to you,

Norbert G. Matausch said...

Dear Pam,
I discovered SITH a while ago, practiced it for a couple of months (with great results), then got lazy again, old habits crept into my life again (not trusting God, for instance)...

And before I could say "strawberry", I was in one of the heaviest turmoils of my life so far... I really had FORGOTTEN about Ho'oponopono!

Till yesterday. Suddenly it was there, the thought "Read Zero Lemits again!"... and this is what I'm doing right now ;)

And it already feels better... and again, beautiful things are simply happening... like our cat, an old lady (14 years old), suddenly became asthmatic after we moved from the US back to Germany. I KNEW it was my responsibility, and yesterday, I finally started cleaning again. And, wonder, oh wonder, last night, she slept, without any trouble at all!

Pam, I have one question: Where can I buy the SITH Manual you are writing about?

Please send me an email back: matausch(at)

Thank you. I love you. God bless.

elgregcor said...

It's been a long while, but perhaps you will see this. I am looking for "the Self-Identity Through Ho'oponopono Basic 1 Manual" as mentioned in this blog post of yours. Can you point me to it...
Peace be with your spirit.

Pam Pappas MD said...

Aloha Greg,

I am sorry -- the manual I referenced is the one you receive when taking a Self Identity Through Ho'oponopono class for the first time. Thereafter, you may buy one at a seminar. I don't believe they would sell you the manual without your attending at least one training.

The 2012 sminar schedule will be published after 2/15/12:


Milena Babic said...

Dear Pam, you wrote this post years ago. Yet, when I red it I found that it applies to me as well. The same thing bug related to the Prayer. I have added 'daughter' after the son, because I have difficulties having only 'son'. Your insights about adjusting the tools in line with our own feeling helps me using the Prayer.

Also, lately I have discovered a lot of issues related to relationships between men and women within me. I recognize elements of the women's hatred of men, lack of self-trust of women, etc. I am doing a lot of cleaning. I would like to know about your experience using tools for cleaning those issues. What tools do you use, how can I find the tool that is best for me? I know, it is said that we can use 'thank you', 'I love you', the Prayer or some other tool that feels right for us.

I have the visual insights about my Unihipili. I can see her. At first I had two Unihipilis, two different types of girls. Recently one of them disappeared. I understand it as if the fragmented pieces have joined together. Two mornings ago I looked inside and saw my little girl eating strawberries. My whole day was so smooth and nice. I should feed her more with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, I guess. However, the tool for cleaning the hatred of men is still not with me as I would like to have. Would you have something to share with us on that?

Greetings from Croatia, Europe

Pam Pappas MD said...

Dear Milena,

The tools come through inspiration, and that's also how they've arisen over time.

It does not mean there is only 1 tool "for" this or that, or that one can only clean by using a tool mentioned by someone else.

Thank heavens! :-)

When you get quiet within, all parts of your I-dentity are connected . . . and you can ask Divinity "how do I clean with this(whatever you are concerned about)"? Something may come, maybe immediately or maybe not. The goofier the better, Dr. Hew Len has told me -- because this bypasses the intellect anyway. It may be an image or a phrase, a sound, etc. All senses are possible. It is lovely to have your own tools come, like that. Your individual one "for hatred of men" can come that way too.

Regarding the word "son" as written in some copies of Morrnah's prayer and "child" in others -- I asked Dr. Hew Len about this. He said, "How do you know that Morrnah didn't do that on purpose [have different versions at different times] -- just to bug us?" :-) I remember cracking up, because he was so right. Although I don't know her mind, I know none of our words really matter anyway. It is pureness of heart that matters -- and we can clean with any point that "bugs" us. We can often laugh while we're doing that.

Thanking Morrnah and Dr. Hew Len right now, while thinking of this.