It's Too Big For Me, God -- Ho'oponopono to the Rescue

"It's important to know that the subconscious -- whether yours or mine or anybody's -- holds all the collective memories of all of creation. So whatever's going on in the cosmos is really going on in you. There is no such thing as outside of you. We have come into this lifetime with all the collective memories of all of creation."
~Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD

I was re-listening to a recorded call with Dr. Hew Len and Mabel Katz today; a caller asked about difficulties with certain others in her life. Dr. Hew Len responded as above.

Though I've been working with this concept for many years now (even before meeting Dr. Hew Len), it's still hard for me sometimes. The implications are enormous. So I simply allowed the words to pour over me, reach inside me. And as they did, I felt a deep quiet.

The way of Ho'oponopono is to recognize that we truly do share unconscious memories with all of creation, and that these manifest in our lives. People come to us as customers, real estate agents, patients, spouses -- all kinds of relationships and situations. We may think we're there to "help" them, or that they're there to "help" us in some unidimensional way. But life is not so simple.

As Mabel commented, it's more like the spider web above.

It means that we are not only connected, but we are 100% responsible for whatever we experience in this lifetime. Usually we all have questions about this, and want to make exceptions. What about starving children, or people who've been murdered, tortured, and raped? What about floods, earthquakes, and wars? How can those have any relation to us?

In my office, I see a lot of suffering people. When I first met Dr. Hew Len in 2007, he told me they were there not for me to "help" them, but so I could make amends. Huh? What had I done to make amends for? I had studied Jung's "collective unconscious", but still I had no room in my mind for the extent of what Dr. Hew Len was saying.

I asked questions galore. I got mad, felt guilty, ashamed, and depressed. There's SO much pain in the world -- I thought I would never be able to handle it all if I took 100% responsibility for it. My shoulders felt too small, my heart too shallow.

I was completely forgetting about Divinity, or that this had any connection with me. I thought I had been left behind long ago.

I thought "I" was all alone in my 100% responsibility, with no support or care. I thought if I really reached out to God, He would leave me stranded, just as important humans in my life had done. So you can imagine my journey with this has not been easy.

But Divinity is much larger than our conscious human selves, and we are much more than we think too.

Ho'oponopono is also about our Self-Identity -- which includes our conscious and unconscious mind, our superconscious, AND our Divinity within. As we come to know all these aspects of ourselves, we realize that although we know nothing about anything or anyone we meet in life, we do have resources. We can do the cleaning -- simple and direct -- no matter what shows up.

Dr. Hew Len reminds us that when we do the cleaning, Divinity automatically does Its part by transmuting (erasing) whatever is ready to be erased from us. Once we're at "zero" (painful data erased) Divinity can give us exactly what we need. This might be information, ideas, people we meet, money, or anything else at all. Mostly, our tiny minds can't imagine what all Divinity can do.

We can prepare for events by cleaning in advance -- such as on client lists, their addresses, and family connections too. We can recognize and appreciate our inner child (subconscious) which for eons has been carrying all these memories for us. Although it's the part of us that suffers, it's still willing to help us clean if we simply love and treat him/her with kindness.

On the call, Mabel also said something else that touched me deeply:

"When we go into the fear and the worry, we are telling God, 'I can handle it. I don't need your help.'"
Egad! I don't mean to do that! I need all the help I can get, even if I sometimes don't think I deserve it.

How many others of us might be in this same boat? I bet I've got company with the worry and the fear -- and with my sometimes non-trust of Divinity too. After all, down here on earth we have REAL problems, not something Spirit can make any headway with. :-) Or, how can our stuff possibly be of interest to Divinity -- S/He's so big, and we're so small???

What say we look into these feelings more deeply -- perhaps tell them, "I love you"? I am sorry, dear Divinity. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you, always, for being patient with me.

Peace begins with me,


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