Gratitude and Thanksgiving

One question people frequently ask at Ho'oponopono live seminars and teleconference calls is whether or not it "works".

By this, they generally mean "If I do this process, will I get what I want?"

Tracey in Canada has even created a blog about this, called "Ho'oponopono Works". There, she shares aspects of her life and Ho'oponopono's effects on herself and her family.

Mabel Katz, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, and Kamaile (who also trained with Morrnah and has been practicing Ho'oponopono for ~38 years) often say that you don't know what you're cleaning when you're doing it. To a scientist then, it's hard to say whether it "works" or not.

In the midst of tragedy, I've received an answer.

For many months, I prepared to give a talk on Homeopathy and Psychiatry at a conference in another city. This required over 100 hours of research, distilling, and organizing so that the audience would receive good information in only 1 hour.

During this entire preparation process, I cleaned. I love you. Thank you. Please forgive me. I am sorry. And many other tools.

The talk was well-received -- and I was also grateful that the conference organizers had offered a large honorarium. With this, I planned further homeopathic training with one of my mentors, Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

I returned home, deposited the check . . . but quickly received notice from my bank that the organization had stopped payment on it.

This was the results of my Ho'oponopono cleaning? I was puzzled, hurt, and angry -- wondering what I was doing "wrong". Mabel, Kamaile, and Dr. Hew Len all advised me to "keep cleaning." arrrrggggggggh.

And because of financial constraints, I canceled my trip to Mumbai, India -- where I would have been right now for sure if my intellect had had its way.

With many homeopathic colleagues from all over the world, I would have been at Dr. Sankaran's International Homeopathic Symposium, which ends 11/29/08. It's being held in Mumbai, where terrorist attacks are now flaring at high profile hotels, railway stations, and more.

News reports say the terrorists are focused on westerners, especially Americans and British. So far at least 100 have died, with more injured. Hostages have been taken.

The seminar location is about 15-20 miles north of the main hotels attacked; we pray for the safety of Dr. Sankaran, my colleagues, and everyone in danger now.

I am humbled by how close I came to this myself, saved only by not receiving money owed for work I had done. The results I thought "should" have happened through my Ho'oponopono cleaning would have put me directly in harm's way.

Does Ho'oponopono "work"? I have no controlled double-blind evidence for it, but you can consider this story for yourselves. My heart is grateful at being provided for, even when when my intellect can't fathom it. Most especially, thank you to Dr. Hew Len, Mabel, and Kamaile for encouraging me to "just keep cleaning."

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Peace Begins with Me


T said…
Great post. It's often when we look back at our lives we realize how amazing ho'oponopono is working in the background.

There is always a reason, things may appear bad, but without cleaning they could be even worse.

Thanks for sharing

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