Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tools Wherever We Find Them

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian process for resolving problems and releasing -- not just "managing" -- stress. Its very name means "to make right, to correct and rectify errors" through repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation.

Ho'oponopono re-establishes correct balance between all aspects of the self, with all other beings through time, and with the environment as well.

Need for this kind of balance is echoed throughout many cultures, including the Navajo who speak of "hozho", or "walking in beauty". For them, there is no real health without balance between all parts of one's inner self, one's relationships with others, and the environment.

Since we're all dynamic, ever-changing beings, is it any wonder our balance is an ever-changing thing also? We're like mobiles, motion in one part setting off gyrations in all the rest. We need some kind of process to keep us graceful throughout.

With its simplicity and directness, Ho'oponopono offers a path to peace. And, it can be fun!

Many have heard the words "I love you," "Thank you," "I'm sorry," and "Please forgive me" in Ho'oponopono. There are also many other "tools" that offer additional ways to initiate the process.

For instance, in her book The Easiest Way, Mabel Katz has talked about tools such as "lightswitch," "ice blue", and "flypaper." They may sound a little funny, but thinking any of these mentally invokes the entire Ho'oponopono process just like saying the "I love you." You can find tools that resonate with you, or which come to you personally through Inspiration.

On another Ho'oponopono call with ZeroLag recently, I learned of the tool "lemon drop". (ZeroLag has a web site offering Ho'oponopono conversations with long-time practitioners such as Kamaile and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.) Something about this "lemon drop" touched me in a good way . . . and felt warmly familiar.

Then today for some reason I felt inspired to listen to the much-loved Hawaiian singer, IZ (short for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole ) sharing his beautiful rendition of "Over the Rainbow" combined with "What a Wonderful World".

Below is his video . . . for me it's a cleaning tool in itself. You can listen, enjoy, and pay attention to the lyrics. In all my years of loving this song, I had missed something important with the words -- and maybe you did too?

Did you hear him sing:

"Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me ee ee eeh
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me . . ."

Hearing this, I started to giggle and laugh like a little kid. Understand, I am clueless about the actual origin of the Ho'oponopono lemon drop tool, but this result works for me! So I offer this experience to you, too, if it feels right -- to listen as often as you want, cleaning away, and maybe eating a lemon drop or two. It might even be good for our hearts, to be open and laughing like that. :-)

Thank you, IZ, and thank you Kamaile, Keala, Dr. Hew Len, and all the wonderful Ho'oponopono folk at ZeroLag.

May all our troubles melt like lemon drops,

Peace Begins with Me


gesman said…
Hi Pam,
Thank you for your insightful articles.
I recently got interested in Ho'oponopono cleaning process and tools after experiencing great benefits of this simple practice by myself.

Being a computer programmer I wanted to evolve this process to the web. Many of us have blogs and websites.
Wouldn't it be great if every visitor to every site and every blog would clean himself, their world, our site and our world as well?
Just imagine the cumulative power of this!

After all - we are all connected and Ho'oponopono does not even require person to beleive in anything to experience great benefits of it.

So I develop a tiny WEB Widget that could stay on a sidebar of a website and slowly flash main cleaning phrases of Ho'oponopono cleaning process. Each visitor's mind would pick it up and repeat it.

Interesting thing is that after installing it yesterday night on my site - I woke up and found $100 sale on my account that happened overnight.

I made it so people could install it to their own sites easily (it's just a snippet of HTML code).
I would be interested to learn your opinion about it.

Here it is (the code should show up):
Ho'oponopono website cleaning widget

If you want to install it on your blogger.com blog, do this:
Login, goto Layout->Add a Gadget->HTML/Javascript gadget->paste the HTML snippet code.

Let me know your suggestions and opinion about it. I hope to practice and learn more about this process.

Gleb Esman
Pam Pappas MD said…
Hi Gesman,

Thank you for sharing your widget. Amazing what computer programmers can do.

You indicate that somehow with this widget you ended up with $100 in your account overnight -- did this happen on a site that was already selling something, or from your widget itself?

This blog is a cleaning process for me, and could remind others to clean also. I clean before and during writing each post, and also before hitting the "publish" button. You have created a cleaning tool of your own with your widget, and this works for you. I imagine that before deciding to install it on their blogs or web sites, each person would need to clean and ask Divinity about this. What is correct for one person may not be for another. This is the way of Ho'oponopono, in that some cleaning tools are very individualized -- and what is perfect to use at one time, may not be in the next. There is an infinite variety of cleaning tools, many of which are shared in training seminars with the Foundation of I.

Thank you again for sharing your work with us, and most of all for your cleaning.

Peace of I,
gesman said…
Hi Pam, you are correct.
I develop and sell software for the web (software to convert blogs to membership sites). I came across Zero Limits and really loved it and will continue practice using whatever information available to me.
So i decided to create a widget, because i do beleive in the process and it makes it fun to use tools that we feel are right. In fact the very next day I made in excess of $500 from the site that has widget installed and it was the biggest selling day in 2 months for me (i opened my other site for business 2 months ago).

I don't want to speculate on reasons as we never know anything - but the thing that we need to keep cleaning!

Thank you for making such an inspiring and insightful articles on your blog - i found it by accident and reading them with interest.

Best regards,

Unknown said…
Hello Gleb,

I tried to access your widget, but I need authentication and password. Question, if I don't have a website, may I install it on my desktop to clean while I work? Thank you for your generosity!

gesman said…
Hi Anna,
I fixed it - it's all enabled now.
(it was under development before)
Thanks for letting me know.

This widget currently does not work on a desktop, only on website.
But if you'd want to open a free website and share your thoughts and findings - that would be great. Blogger allows you to do that and it's very easy to do.

I'll keep in mind regarding desktop version of it though.
Thank you!


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