Tarra and Bella: Living in the Now

What might it be like to live without extraneous data or memories affecting our relationships?

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len often remarks, "Love is blind." One could be "in the moment", all the time, through practicing Ho'oponopono constantly. There could be a world without preconceived notions, judgements, racism, border wars, or other disruptive human rigidities.

We could recognize that we really know nothing, and deal with what shows up rather than struggle with what our intellects think "should not be."

I offer a story* about 2 very unlikely friends at The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee: Tarra, an 8700-pound Asian elephant and Bella, a fluffy white dog. The 2 are inseparable -- and they don't seem to care what anybody thinks about it, either.

Terra and Bella: A Heavenly Match

Born in Burma in 1974, Tarra was prematurely weaned and separated from her mother at 6 months -- then sold to an animal broker in the United States. After flying to the US in a small wooden crate on a cargo plane, she performed in circuses doing tricks like riding roller skates.

Until she met her caretaker, Carol Buckley (seen on the video), she lived in the back of a delivery truck. Fortunately, Carol gave her more freedom.

Many people don't realize that elephants can suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) just as humans can. PTSD is a syndrome that encompasses life-threatening events; the individual is usually unable to escape. Like so many of her kin, Tarra has this kind of history.

Remember the saying, "An elephant never forgets"? Well, Tara would have a lot of memories to forget. And yet, here she is finding a most unusual friend rather than living completely in fear.

Maybe she knows innately how to do Ho'oponopono.

Most of the dogs at the Sanctuary will have nothing to do with the elephants, and vice versa. Another unusual aspect of this story.

So, how could it be with us, do you think, if we could release our traumas and prejudices as Tarra and Bella seem to have done? I like imagining this possibility . . . not caring what color anybody's fur is, or whether they even have any.

Ho'oponopono offers a method for getting to this point in any moment. You can learn more through The Foundation of I, Inc. Also, Mabel Katz and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len are presenting a joint seminar this weekend in Los Angeles -- care to join in? For further information, click here: Ho'oponopono Seminar January 16th and 17th.

By the way, one more thing about Tarra and her sisters: they're getting holistic and integrative veterinary care. Looks like they're smarter at the Elephant Sanctuary than many of us are in the human world. :-)

Peace Begins with Me,

*video sent by my colleague, Dr. Dan Benor of Wholistic Healing Research -- thanks, Dr. Dan!


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